New call for the Martín Chirino “Creadores” Artistic Residency in 2023

The Martín Chirino Foundation, with the support of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council and Promotion of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, reissues the call for the Martín Chirino Artistic Residency under the title "Creators 2023".


After the success of the first two editions, the Fundación de Arte y Pensamiento Martín Chirino announces the Creators 2023 program, whose call opens on March 15. One of the Foundation's main strategic lines is support for the universal projection of the Canary Islands; “from the particular to the universal”, in the words of Martín Chirino. To contextualize and promote the valuable legacy of insular culture in today's complex world, the sculptor's work is a legacy of the first order.

With the aim of promoting artistic creation, dialogue between the arts, and the universal projection of our Archipelago, the call for the artistic residency program "Creadores 2023" is reissued, linked to any artistic discipline, maintaining this year the territorial limits to the entire Spanish territory. In a perfectly staggered dialogue, in accordance with the initial motto, the contextualization covers: Martín Chirino, the Canary Islands and the World.

The residency, awarded in 2021 to the Canarian artist Cristina Ortega, and in 2022 to the Sevillian Salvador Jiménez-Donaire, culminates with an exhibition of the works carried out in the Sala de la Luz, which in its 2021 edition was entitled "Transeúntes" , and in 2022 “The slowness of the stones”. Both proposals, which approached the creative universe of Martín Chirino from different perspectives as inspiration for his work, were very well received by the public, and this year the assembly of an exhibition with the work created by the artist in residence during the month of December 2023. It is a program to support talent and contemporary creation that seeks to promote the professional development of young artists who require both work spaces and technical and training support. The Fundación de Arte y Pensamiento Martín Chirino promotes this program open to creators linked to any artistic discipline, offering a space for plastic creation through an artistic residency in the town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on a scholarship for accommodation and meals.

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