VIII Anniversary of the Martín Chirino Foundation with Recreo, by Antonio Ruz

25/03/2023 20:30

The Martín Chirino Foundation presents 'Recreo', an event in which dance, music and architecture join hands in a multidisciplinary dialogue under the direction of choreographer Antonio Ruz, on the occasion of its eighth anniversary.


Antonio Ruz creates a dance and movement show for the Castillo de la Luz for the Martín Chirino Foundation. In contrast or in tune with the spaces of the fortress, the dancers will create singular universes and explore the different possibilities of this dialogue between body and space, individual and group, tradition and modernity, offering an original and unrepeatable show. The public will be guided through the building, where the bodies of the dancers and live music will interact with the architectural elements, the sculptures by Martín Chirino and the light to alter and enrich the perception of these places.

Antonio Ruz

Choreographer and independent dancer, he is currently, and for years, one of the most outstanding creators in our country. His speech, developed in front of his own company, or with interesting collaborations for renowned national and international groups, such as the German Sasha Waltz & Guests, is based on a heightened interest in the more open nature of dance. After training in flamenco, Spanish dance, ballet and an important career as a dancer in large companies such as the Víctor Ullate Ballet, the Ballet of the Grand Theater of Geneva, the Lyon Opera Ballet or the National Dance Company, he created, in 2009, his own company in search of a creative identity through research and multidisciplinary collaboration; No Drama (2010), Ignoto (2011), Eye (2012), Swing (2014), À L'espagnole, scenic fantasy (2015), Beautiful Beach (2015), Double Bach (2016), Present (2018), Strait Collaborating with Juan Kruz Díaz from Garaio Esnaola and Estévez-Paños Compañía, he participates as a choreographer in theatrical productions by Andrés Lima and Miguel del Arco as well as in the zarzuela El Barberillo de Lavapiés (2019) by Alfredo Sanzol. She collaborates in various projects of the Fundación Psico Ballet – Maite León. In 2020 he premiered Electra (2017) with the National Ballet of Spain. His latest creations include Gugurumbé (2020) in collaboration with Fahmi Alqhai/Accademia del Piacere, Signos (2021) with the violist Isabel Villanueva, In Paradisum (2021) with the National Dance Company or La Noche de San Juan (2021). , an unpublished ballet by Roberto Gerhard co-produced by the Fundación Juan March and the Gran Teatro del Liceu. Among the awards that outline his career, the 2018 National Dance Award in the Creation category and the RTVE 2013 Ojo Crítico Dance Award stand out.

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