Martín Chirino Artistic Residency. Creators 2023

15/03/2023 - 05/05/2023 12:00

With the aim of promoting artistic creation, dialogue between the arts, and the universal projection of our Archipelago, the call for the artistic residency program "Creadores 2023" is reissued, linked to any artistic discipline, maintaining this year the territorial limits to the entire Spanish territory. In a perfectly staggered dialogue, in accordance with the initial motto, the contextualization covers: Martín Chirino, the Canary Islands and the World.


It is a program to support talent and contemporary creation that seeks to promote the professional development of young artists who require both work spaces and technical and training support. The Fundación de Arte y Pensamiento Martín Chirino promotes this program open to creators linked to any artistic discipline, offering a space for plastic creation through an artistic residency in the town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on a scholarship for accommodation and meals. RESIDENCE DETAILS • The registration period covers from March 15 to May 5, 2023. • The residency consists of a three-month stay (from July to September 2023) to develop a project that will be exhibited in the Sala de La Luz organized by the Foundation for this purpose. • Accommodation, training and work space. • Economic support of 3,000 euros for production costs. • The Foundation will pay the travel, documentation and accommodation expenses during the residency. • The Foundation will cover the living expenses of the resident artist with an amount of €900 per month. • The creators must show the progress of their work to the public and establish direct contact with them during the development of the workshop, which will take place on certain dates during their residency period.

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